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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Child Models

Helena Fagoonee offers her view on a recent and controversial Frence Vogue shoot which used Child Models in provactive images .... “Thylane Leana - Rose is a ten year old girl who should be playing with dolls not make up. Young girls are being influenced by the media, this includes fashion magazines, hair adverts and make up adverts. This is not a good look. Not only is she ruining her young, cute and sweet look she is playing with her childhood. I suppose at the age of ten your mind is not strong enough to see reality. Young girls could be highly affected in the long run such as Thylane Leana. Young children need to be influenced by they're parents and not the media, there are high judgments when it comes to young children. Thylane Rose wears a mask over her young pretty face, she wears bright lipstick, thick mascara and bold eyeliner. The clothes she wears are too old for her petite body. Seems children are growing up way to quick and it's very disturbing.” If you have a strong view why not leave your comments?
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