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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Child Models

Helena Fagoonee offers her view on a recent and controversial Frence Vogue shoot which used Child Models in provactive images .... “Thylane Leana - Rose is a ten year old girl who should be playing with dolls not make up. Young girls are being influenced by the media, this includes fashion magazines, hair adverts and make up adverts. This is not a good look. Not only is she ruining her young, cute and sweet look she is playing with her childhood. I suppose at the age of ten your mind is not strong enough to see reality. Young girls could be highly affected in the long run such as Thylane Leana. Young children need to be influenced by they're parents and not the media, there are high judgments when it comes to young children. Thylane Rose wears a mask over her young pretty face, she wears bright lipstick, thick mascara and bold eyeliner. The clothes she wears are too old for her petite body. Seems children are growing up way to quick and it's very disturbing.” If you have a strong view why not leave your comments?
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Sunday, 7 August 2011

The organic boom; Looking after your skin.

So is the secret to a fairer more youthful complexion going organic? Susie Ma the star of this year’s Apprentice (and Naural Skincare Entreprenuer) seemed to be a testimonial of the up rise in the organic cosmetic industry. We as a nation are simply becoming more health aware of not only what we put in our bodies but also what we put on them. If you look at the label on most pharmaceuticals they are most likely ridden with benzoates and other toxic hydrogenated polymers. The organic part doesn’t necessarily limit the amount of strange sounding ingredients but it certainly avoids the unnecessary pesticides, fertilizers, additives and genetically modified ones. With most of us harbouring these toxic ingredients in our bodies through over exposure with risks that include; cancer, premature ageing, heart disease and infertility to name but a few it is no wonder that we now choose organic alternatives. Stand Out modelling agency divulges on the importance of nurturing good skin “ Everyone wants to have good skin but for models its of vital to their careers even in these days of photoshop! We would advise any models to look at organic products wether it be in their diet or skincare products.” Article written by Gayle Pearson

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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Beach Wear

Mare d'Amare edizione 2010photo © 2010 Nove da Firenze redazione | more info (via: Wylio)

The mere idea of going on the beach fills each of us with thrill and enthusiasm. The natural beauty and cool breeze of the beach or the sea-coast is capable enough of drifting even ones sad mood towards a totally rejuvenated and ecstatic mood. This summer beach clothing comes with a range of different texture, shapes, and bright colours.

For those of you that are planning a wonderful summer holiday or even heading somewhere tropical during these gloomy winter months, you’re going to need the perfect piece of swimwear to take with you.


This latest collection has the perfect style for every woman, whether you like classic plain suits or beautiful prints in bold, vibrant colours. The magic of their Miratex fabric and beautifully cut swimwear helps to slim and support your body offering you maximum confidence on the beach.


The Italian designer KiSkin is trying to banish that tan lines that some of us hate getting on holidays. They had designed a bikini which leaves a cheeky tan mark. The bikini bottoms have a cute, heart-shaped for a fun holiday reminder. KiSkin said "Our product is designed to go beyond the traditional bikini conception, transforming a simple piece of clothing into a real creative instrument".

Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny, one of Americans beach wear leader´s comes every season presents a range of something fresh and unique. For this spring/summer 2011, Beach Bunny brings a stunning and sexy collection that mix texture, vibrant colours.

By: Talita Santos

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